My 69 year old friend is currently in skilled nursing care (NY) for a combination of issues - legally blind, diabetes, stage 4 kidney failure and dementia. She is non-verbal and generally non-responsive. Prior to her confinement, she had regular Medicare with a Supplement (F) and drug coverage. She also had Medicaid, which covered several hours of home health aide and other services. As she now requires long term care, the nursing home filed and was approved for Medicaid. Her social security is directed to the NH and the personal amount deposited ($50 monthly) into her "house account." I know that not all doctors accept Medicaid and the supplement/RX coverage offered universal blanket coverage. But, now that her situation has changed, should it be continued? The cost is around $350 per month that I have been paying. She has no assets other than Social Security.

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Your friend may be double paying for coverage if Medicaid is also provided the equivalent insurance that she was getting from Medicare and the supplemental policy. However, since her social security is already being paid directly to the NH, it's their problem if they're not receiving as much cash as they should. It would be their responsibility to determine whether the Medicare and supplemental coverage is still needed.
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