Right now at this moment my mother is suffering from C. Diff, UTI, & a vaginal infections. She is on mulitple antibotics. My mother for the last few hours has a temp of 103 that I can't get down. In the last 36 hours her temp has been no lower than 100/101. I have had the Hospice nurses here and had called the on- call nurse last night and tonight. They push moriphine like candy! Moriphine won't bring down her fever. It will just lower her already low respirations because of the disstress her body is in. So I refused to administer the moriphine unless last resort if I see she is in bad pain. I faithly give her a fever-reducer every 4 hours. But see really no results. What do I do? Prior to mom getting on Hospice, she had an UTI gone terribly wrong and she became septic. I am afraid that could be happening now. But Hospice doesn't seem concerned. They tell me that chronic infections are very common in end stage Dementia and that is what will probably take her life. Has anyone out there had similar issues? Any home remedies to bring down an infection fever? Anything I can do to stop these infections? I am constantly freshening her up down there. She has a foley cath. and I change her every few hours whether she soiled or not. Just so she is clean and dry down there to prevent things like this but it continues even though I go above and beyond. HELP! Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I'm so sorry. This is sad, but I don't think uncommon. When the body is shutting down, the ability to fight infections becomes weakened. She may not even be responding to the antibiotics, which is why the hospice nurses are trying to keep her comfortable with morphine.
If you aren't sure the doctor is doing all he or she can, you can get another opinion, but there likely isn't a lot more that can be done. Pneumonia often takes a person in the end, but other infections can, as well.
You may find comfort in seeking a second opinion, so you can try that. But you will eventually have to come to grips with the fact that since she's in end stage dementia, she is going to die. It's just a matter of whether an infection takes her or her organs quit working.
Try to take care of yourself, too. Watching someone we love die is tough. Are you getting emotional support?
Please check back and let us know how your are doing.
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There are many home remedies that can reduce a fever. Try a nice sponge bath with a little rubbing alcohol in the water. The water should be tepid (not cold). Especially applying compresses to her pulse points. Minding our Elders (above) has stated that these things do begin to occur at the end of life. I'm not a doctor but unfortunately have seen many people leave their earthly bodies. Fevers are not uncommon, but since you are so attentive to mom try the cool compresses. My Mom used to do this with all of her babies when we had a fever. It worked every time. Sending good thoughts and blessings your way yellowfeever
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