How it worked out? She has moderate dementia.

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Yes, some people on this forum have done that or have considered doing that. I hope that one or more of them will answer this question.

I can tell you this: People with moderate dementia almost always progress to severe dementia (unless they die of something else first.) So you really need to consider not only Mom's present care needs, but also what they might be next month or next year.

My husband stayed at home with me the full ten years of his dementia journey. I am certainly not opposed to family taking care of their loved ones at home! But it is a huge, huge commitment, and it will change your life.

When my mother could no longer live safely alone my newly-retired sister took her in. My sister does not regret that at all, but it was way more work than she anticipated. She has an extremely supportive husband. She had sisters that gave her respite two or three weekends a month. She had a nice special space for Mother, including her own bathroom where the riser could stay on the toilet. This lasted 14 months, I'd say through the period Assisted Living would have been appropriate. But the dementia progressed, and Mom's mobility issues progressed to the nursing home stage. Sister did a fabulous job as an Assisted Living caregiver, but no private home is a substitute for the level of care a nursing home has available 24/7.

To our great surprise, our mother thrived in the nh. She loved the live entertainment, the crafts, the bingo, eating meals with other people her own age, and the fact that she could get her hair done without leaving the building.

Here are some questions that might help others respond to your question:

1) Are you dissatisfied with the current care center?
2) Do you have a space you can dedicate to your mother, preferably with her own bathroom.
3) Are you or mother financially able to bring in help as needed?
4) What is your plan for respite care? (You absolutely MUST have a plan for this, in advance!)
5) Who else lives in your house? How do they feel about Mom living there?
6) In addition to the dementia, does Mom have other impairments or medical issues?

What ever you decide, I hope it turns out the best for all of you.
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Here is an excellent article about moving a parent into your own home. plus there are over 300 comments.

Please read before you make your actual decision to move your Mom.
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