Mom is seeing family members who have died and also family members still alive in her house, she is fully coherent and talks about seeing them. Last night when I went she was stroking a dog that wasn’t there. She doesn’t know what time of day it is and keeps forgetting what day it is.
All her vital signs have been checked, they are fine. She does suffer from stress and anxiety and has gone off her food. Can anyone shed some light on this as a family we are concerned as she lives alone and is very stubborn.

If your mom is not suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI) then I'd say she's definitely suffering from some form of dementia! Living alone is probably THE worst situation on earth for a person in this condition.

I'd have to fully agree with Again in questioning your definition of 'coherent' when your mom is talking about seeing dead people, stroking a dog that isn't there, and is not oriented to day and time. She is hallucinating, more than likely, rather than being coherent! She likely believes 100% in what she's seeing, but that doesn't make it reality.....just HER version of reality these days!

She needs to see a doctor right away, in any event!

What does 'gone off her food' mean, exactly? Is she not eating? Or not eating food she normally eats?

Wishing you the best of luck in getting your mom to the doctor who can shed more light on her condition, hopefully!
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Is she in AL or living home alone?

Talking to dead people is not that unusual for the elderly with dementia.

I'm a little confused that you say she is fully coherent? Maybe I interpret that differently than you mean it but a person with dementia, talking to dead people, not oriented to day and time, well, that doesn't seem like fully coherent to me. Which is why I agree with the above posters that she needs a high level of care.

It's probably not unusual for vitals to be fine when the mind is not so fine.

Good luck with this tough situation.
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Is this a sudden change in behavior? If so, she could be suffering from a UTI, which causes dementia-like symptoms or increases dementia symptoms. Often there are no other symptoms that the person can articulate. I would start by getting this checked and antibiotics can clear it up. UTIs are extremely common in the elderly. If no UTI is present, then you may need to consider an increased level of care for her. My MIL was in same situation. She was not remembering to eat. She had to go into AL. When you are at her home please check for signs of eating. Don't ask her, as she may not remember or will "think" she ate and give you details. Look in her fridge and her garbage and sink for signs. Good luck!
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It sounds like she needs more than independent living. She needs more care. Please look into different options such as a nursing home or hospice.

Let us know how it goes. Best wishes to you and your family.
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