My mom is more confused lately. This morning I woke up to poop on her bathroom floor and poopy toilet paper in her waste basket. She is barely eating and sleeping more. I took her to the doctors and he said her vitals were good. He ordered blood work and urine test which she wasn’t able to give. I’ll bring in the sample this week. He did not suspect anything. He is so casual and smiley I never know what he really is thinking. My question is what do I do now? Just keep trying to get her to eat and prepare myself for bathroom accidents? Is this it? It is so sad. I know I’m just rambling , but this is my safe place to ramble. Thank you

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Thank you all for your advice. I did put mom in depends and she took our talk well about future changes. I will try and locate her a geriatric doctor (again). I had no luck finding one close enough. Traveling with mom is only when she must go to a doctor. I just dread listening to her gagging sounds while in the car. I wear earphones with music during it, ha! Thank you, again.
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Maybe time for a Geriatrician. My “old” doctor once told me that it wasn’t her job to diagnose or treat me. She said, in so many words, it was her job to pass me along to specialists. That’s when she became my ex-doctor. Your mom needs to see someone who might order tests for her and speak frankly with you as well.
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I have a feeling the doctor is so calm and smiley because he has never had had to do the kind of clean up you describe, with the prospect of more to come. I vote for getting someone new who understands things from the caregivers' point of view, too.
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If she is not wearing pullups now is the time. I was able to get Mom to holler she was going to the bathroom so I could help her. I was also lucky, I could hear the b/r door open. If she went without help it was all over. You may want to take her to the b/r every couple of hours. Personally, I couldn't deal with the clean up. I did eventually place her in an AL then LTC.
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Patticake- my mother is not yet at that stage, but when she is, I'll be looking for another place for her to receive care instead of my home.

Also, regarding the doctor, do you think he's a good doctor to care for your mother at this stage in her illness? If not, it might be time to change doctor.
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Dementia progresses.

Incontinence is a new stage of progression perhaps. For many folks, it is the signal that it's time for a care facility.

Ps, vitals don't tell you much. My mom's "vitals" were still good 45 minutes before she died.
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Easy for HIM to be casual and smiley, isn't it? HE's not the one having to clean up a poopy bathroom! Grrr...
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