Lady 93 b/p177/76 pulse 80 should I be concerned?


Sore back and coughing.

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We would really need to know what her baseline normal is and if she is on BP meds. Have you taken more than one reading and it remained high? I was told that it is normal for the numbers to rise between doses, but 177 is quite high. Pulse and BP could both rise somewhat due to stress and coughing, but my rule of thumb is, "if in doubt, check it out".
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What is this all about? Are you a daughter, caregiver? What is her BP normally? Systolic 177 is high; I'd be thinking about taking her to the ER, like NOW.

Is she taking any BP meds? Any others that might cause such a wide gap between systolic and diastolic levels?

A reading of 177 is Hypertension, Stage 2, and very, very, treacherously close to a hypertensive crisis requiring immediate intervention.

Get on the phone now and call 911. When you call, give the dispatcher the BP readings so the EMTs know there's a crisis pending.

I can't comment on the sore back and coughing - there's no enough background information. Tell that to the EMTs.
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