My mother has a number of foot blisters/sores that are not open or weeping, but painful nonetheless. Unfortunately, she has peripheral arterial disease and is a smoker, but she had stents put in her legs more than one year ago, so the circulation to her feet should be improved. We see the doctor regularly for follow-up and ultrasound to be sure that the blood vessels in her legs are open and allowing good blood flow, but we don't seem to get good advice on how to handle these foot sores. Does anyone have experience and advice that can help me? I'd like to know if there is any medication that I can put on the sores that will relieve her pain. I'm currently using only moleskin patches. Thanks in advance, everyone!

She may need referral to wound care clinic. Is there diabetes involved?
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I agree with Grandma1954, see a podiatrist who can help you get her feet as healthy as possible.
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Do her shoes fit properly?
Is she wearing proper socks?
Do the socks bunch up, slide down, loose or tight?
Is she dressing herself or is she helped? If she is dressing do a double take to make sure that socks are pulled up, they fit properly and as crazy as this sound that the shoes are on the correct feet.
Get her properly fitted for the shoes, they may be a bit more expensive than walking into a "big box store" and buying a pair of shoes but you can't risk open wounds.
A visit to a podiatrist is a must they will help with the treatment and other procedures that may help prevent more sores. (podiatrist is covered by Medicare)
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