My husband's parents have moved in with us. Parkinson’s and dementia. FIL fights about paying minimal sum we agreed upon for monthly room and board. Can we bypass and get paid via Medicare for care?

What they said below, WRITING, everything in writing AND NOTARIZED! Evictions are costly, so best cover your hinny's now before this goes on any longer. Medicare will not pay. If either one was military you can get aid and attendance.
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JoAnn29 Mar 16, 2019
A& A is only for those serving during Wartime.
Medicare doesn’t pay family caregivers either.
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Medicare doesn't pay for long term care.
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No, Medicare does not pay for room and board or in home care by family.

Can you do an auto transfer so he doesn't have to see it every month? Did you get a rental agreement before they moved in? If not and they need medicaid at some point this could be an issue, get a written rental agreement.

You are a couple of brave souls to bring two very needy adults into your home, wishing you luck on your journey.
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