Which companies do you recommend for hiring an aide a few hrs a week?


I'm thinking of hiring an aide for a few hrs a week to help with my mom who has dementia. How much is it?

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Thank you geewiz. I guess I have some work ahead of me
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The cost may vary geographically and by the types of help you want the aide to provide. The more skill required, the higher the pay. You might want to make a list of things you want the aide to handle before you start to make calls. Keep in mind, the agency gets the biggest piece of the fee. And for that, they typically check references and background, bond the person and if there is an issue, they should resolve it. In the NY Tristate area, it usually costs $22-24/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Make some calls, take notes and you will get educated on things in your neighborhood.

I had some excellent luck with hiring a companion independently. That ranged from $15-20/hour 3 years ago. The reputation of the agency is important but the level of help may vary as each employee is different. The agency aides only got about $10 of the fee I paid to the agency!
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