Any companies in Montgomery, AL 36108 that sell and deliver walkers for elderly?


Need a walker for elderly parent delivered with the deliverer to provide guidance on how to use the walker and to make sure it is the right fit for her.

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You can purchase a walker on line to be delivered to her home. As far as making sure the walker is set at the proper height, I am pretty sure the person who delivers it won't do that. But what you can do is take the person and the new walker to a out patient PT center and ask one of the physical therapists or PTA's to set the height for her. Look up a few places and call ahead to make sure they will do it for her.
Or once it's delivered to her home you can go over and help with adjusting the height. It's very easy to do if you have good dexterity. It's a matter of depressing a button and adjusting from there. Or go to YouTube and watch a video on how to adjust walkers to patient height.
Another option is to have the person's PCP order in home PT or OT for a few visits to teach her how to use the walker- they will adjust it.
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I would check with medicare, if you are eligible. There are different terms on DME. Medicare should have a list of approved suppliers in your area. This may help reduce your cost as well.
My wifes wheel chair was delivered to the rehab facility, the terms were explained, instructions on how to use it were given, medicare is billed monthly and after a set length of time we will own it. It is classified as a rental to start.
I am told the medicare info is available on line.
Best of luck to ya.
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