Community Care is care that is paid partly by the county and partly by our father according to his income. Myself and 2 sisters are SDC or self-directed care, meaning we can chose which providers we want to care for him, right now we go thru Home Instead Senior Care & their care-givers take care of our dad. If we wanted we could also look for a private person to take care of him & not go thru a care giver service. That is what self directed care means. Right now our dad has this care in the morning 8;30 - 12:30 and back again 4:30 - 6:30, but no one for overnight and we cannot afford to pay anyone overnight & community care is saying it is to expensive to pay for overnight care & would like to see him in assisted living. His problem is that he wanders sometimes at night as he sleeps too much during the day. So the trazadone med was interesting to me. But I always thought they wanted to keep people in their home vs assisted living. He is independent with his dressing and showering, using the bathroom, basically he needs the care for meals, and taking his meds, they do light house cleaning, grocery shopping, sometimes laundry if he didn't do it, etc. Any other options on overnight care or how to pay for it? Thank you!

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