I am looking for reading material to give more support to care giving families who give so much in the care giving process of family and loved ones that are on Comfort Care. Reading material that can or has shown to be helpful when families have loved ones on comfort care is of interest to me. This also includes end of life reading material that maybe made available for families. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations for reading material to give to families with loved ones on Comfort Care and for the location or online site where material maybe ordered.

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I agree that reading material that speaks to our unique struggles can be very comforting. It's kind of you to think of helping others in this way.

The Hospice Foundation ( ) has good reading material to offer. Also, just by typing hospice and (separately) comfort care into the Amazon search engine (after selecting "books," you should come up with many selections. Even your local library should have some material. Some funeral homes have brochures with suggestions, as well. However, between hospice and Amazon, I think you'll find an abundance of good material.
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