My mother has failed considerably in last few months, sleeps a lot, but can also become very restless, agitated and combative, they gave her liquid morphine when she was extremely restless and it worked well. They were going to do on an as needed basis but she doesn’t know to ask and some staff don’t get it when she’s getting all wound up. Because I said I just want her comfortable and not anxious they will give round the clock, she’s ok and comfortable, but sometimes really sleepy and out of it. It is a very small dose and she would get like that before we started this. I’m happy she’s in her happy little place but sometimes wonder if I’m doing the right thing? Anyone ever deal with this?

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Has she been seen by a geriatric psychiatrst?

There are better meds than morphine for agitation. But if she's agitated because she's in pain or because she's having breathing difficulties, then it may be the right med.

What does the doctor say? Who is prescribing the morphine? Is she on Hospice?
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