Under my activity and past posts you can get the whole story.

I wanted to offer an update. Mostly stalling of civil cases I am being buried under while trying to do a guardianship by myself, I am becoming dismayed. I feel like there is little to no help out there. The Nassau DA's office is trucking along with their investigation, but its slow. I am now being dragged through Long Beach courts (apparently the DA has no jurisdiction here) and not doing well. The court is casual and confusing, as opposed to the Nassau courts which provide help, advice and a great law library.

I haven't seen my grandmother now in months and fear the worst for her health and mental stability. I took video of my last visit and am attempting a gofundme, with little momentum thus far.

Still fighting though! I want to thank BarbBrooklyn for her kind words, they help :) If anyone could share that gofundme link I would appreciate it. Other than that, I needed to vent...

Thanks for listening.

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