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Thank you. Yes my mother is deceased and there is a Medicaid lien on the estate.
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Is the house titled jointly in both your names? Your profile or post don't indicate whether your mother is alive or deceased, and/or whether or not Medicaid has already or has yet to file a lien against your mother's home and if that lien names you specifically.

However, since you indicate that Medicaid has liened the Estate, and you're questioning the effect on your own credit standing, I'm assuming that your mother has passed and the Estate is in active management by you and your Co-Executrix/tor.

If you're concerned, start placing 90 day fraud alerts on your credit files, order the reports and check them thoroughly. If Medicaid were to lien you, or your assets, instead of your mother's estate, you'll have to challenge them if you're named individually exclusive of your executrix capacity.

You can also periodically check with the property section of the county Register of Deeds to determine if any Medicaid lien names you individually, which it should not.
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