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Empower the patient by including them in decisions affecting their own care, if they are mentally capable. Often insecurity stems from fear of what is to come, thus gentle guidance is necessary.

This, & giving the patient a lot of love & your patience.
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What are you writing this essay for?

How you as a carer might help your client will depend quite a lot on context.
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Your question is a bit general, so my answer will be a bit general, too.

Usually, people feel unsecured because they are out of their elements, or they don't know what is going on, or they don't know what will happen next.

So when you interact with the clients, explain what is going on and what is to be expected, best case and worst case scenarios, that should help calm them down. As for being out of the elements, it will just take time for them to get used to.


Having a familiar face will help.
Having patience will help.
Joking with them will help
Asking them about their lives will help them feel you relate to them as a person not just a sick patient.
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