Client had a stroke 2 yrs. ago, very depressed. Any suggestions?

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This client lives at the Hamilton House, which is total Independent living, she is not independent. She is in a wheelchair, cannot walk , left hand shakes from stroke, right hand is no good either, she has become so depressed, her daughter lives in Kentucky and the other dgtr. is in a group home she is devolpmental handicapped, 37 years old. She does have a SW her name is Joan from Ofa. She has been to Therapy and speech therapy, cannot get out to go anywhere, was always used to doing for herself, she was scheduled to go to Yesteryears, have no clue if she has gone, all she does is cry. Has a cleaning lady . Needs to be in Assisted living. Cannot convince her, the other residents have given up helping her because she is her own worse enemy, wants to be babied, begged to come out, also SW has helped get people to help her and she has turned on that person. She is a diabetic and does not sleep at nite, states she can't, but will stay up to get someone to help her. We are not caregivers here where we live. She needs to have support group to talk, or better yet assisted living. Help

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