What is legally needed to be done to claim myself as independent caregiver?


I can only get compensated for my caregiving for my mom via my brother the POA if i am an independent caregiver. I was a home health aid, then CNA in the late 70's. then became a nurse. I have cared for my parents since 2007. Mom is now incompetent with dementia and I have been cut off from reimbursement. I am her 24/7 caregiver and only ask for reasonable and compareable pay for 8hrs shift. I gave up alot to care for them,dad died 2yrs ago. It looks like i have to find another paying job now, that bro is POA in control so i can survive. and mom may have to go into a home agaainst her wishes. I cant take care of both of us without income where do i turn next? I am qualified just dont have the title,,,,

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Is it a must to have any insurance other than my health insurance? Do I need a fed ID # ?
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Holey smokes if you are an RN most agencies will scoop you right up. For your mother to pay you, she would have to do the normal payroll withholding, and quarterly reports and issue you a check. OR she issues you a check and at the end of the year you report this as self-employment and pay the associated taxes, federal, state and FICA with the help of a tax preparer.
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