Thinking ahead to the holidays..... the caregivers from the caregiving service that come in to take care of my dad are a god send. They save me so much time and they notice things I don't. I would really l like to get them a small-something for Christmas (this is our first year that we've had care). I'm not sure what is appropriate and looking for ideas.

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First you need to find out what the caregiving service's policies are regarding giving gifts to the individual caregivers.  Most facilities have a "No Gifts to Individuals" policy but allow gifts or treats to the entire staff or a group of staff members, such as all of the nursing staff who are taking care of your Loved One.  Caregiving Services or Staffing Services might have different policies since the caregivers work in individual's homes and not in a facility.  Talk to your caregivers' Supervisor and ask about gift giving policies.

If gifts are allowed, then see posting: "Holidays and Caregivers"  (Copy & Paste URL to your browser.)  There are several good suggestions for gifts for facility staff on that posting that might will apply to you also.
Edible Arrangements might be a good one for an individual person.
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Gift cards are always a safe bet. You can do a Visa gift card to get around the no cash gift imposed by agencies.

I would not even tell the agency you are gifting the aids.
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I have been thinking similarly. Maybe a "Christmas bonus" of cash or a gift card is what I am thinking of as a gift. I plan to check with the agency as well to make sure this is allowed. I would think it should be given in a way that will not make some caregivers jealous of others, so proportional to their shifts, with no one left out.
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