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I've actually fired a hospice agency once already. My mother currently doesn't need one just yet. In my case, I've decided to go with one that I've worked with before. They're one of the oldest hospices in the state (TX) and they know what they're doing bc they're not a franchise or a small family owned/operated service. I also asked the doctor and nurses at my mothers NH and they gave me good feedback. Hope this helps.
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You can interview them by calling and scheduling an appointment. It is easier if your doctor has already said hospice.

You want to ask them how they deal with:

Family, what support do they offer to help the family remain strong and stable during and after.

Pain, will they prescribe something besides morphine.

Equipment, what kind of bed, wheelchair, oxygen etc. and how is it dealt with when there is a problem.

Medications, do they deliver and what they cover.

Problems, ie UTI, or other infections that cause unnecessary pain. Will they treat them.

Response time when called for a unscheduled visit.

How many weekly visits and by whom, nurse, social worker, aids, chaplain if requested.

What is the companies main purpose and goals.

Are they a nonprofit or for profit.

Do they offer respite.

Do they have or are they affiliated with a hospice facility.

Do they have volunteers and what does that offer to help you, companion sitting, music therapy or???

What is the company policy for dealing with complaints.

How does it work if you find that it is not a good match, what are the procedures for you to get another hospice on board.

Can you request specific people or refuse specific people.

Any hospice should be happy to answer all of the above, if not, red flag.

I am sorry you are facing this with your loved one. I pray that you find a wonderful hospice and their employees are a true blessing to you and your family.
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I would ask them what, exactly, they offer and when they get on with it. They put off my mother until she died; 1 whole month.

Get recommendations from actual family of patients in the hospices you're looking at, rather than taking the word of any facility or anyone working for them. Nurses in private doctors' offices have all heard stories about the different ones and they'll be happy to talk.

If they don't include family don't feel bad about finding a new hospice that does what they say they'll do. This is an important time. Don't do what I did and let them make promises they won't bother to keep. If you're not satisfied find another! (Sorry, still really raw and angry.)
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