Can children staying all day at rehab stifle a parent's recovery?

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It depends.

Usually in rehab there are frequent therapy sessions -- physical, occupational, speech, and who knows what else. In those cases shorted visits at times not scheduled for therapy might work better. Or if no therapy, chances are the patient really needs a lot of rest. Again, shorter visits might be more helpful.

On the other hand, cases of temporary delirium or permanent dementia may benefit from one-on-one comfort and reassurance from family, around the clock if possible.

One size does not fit all.
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I think it depends on the circumstances. Rest is extremely important in the healing process. One of the times my father was in rehab. I did stay all day as he was disoriented and; and had sundowning. He required a "sitter" all the time as he was trying to get out of bed, etc. In this kind of instance, my father needed me to be with him and I was able to comfort his disorientation and talk him through the confusion.

After he improved and was doing better, I did not stay too long as he did need sleep. We often want to be with them to keep them company; but sometimes they just need to sleep and rest without too many visitors.
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