If adult children contribute to assisted living costs, will Medicaid consider them as resources?


If nursing home care becomes needed?

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Medicaid will require bank statements - could be just a few months or up to 5 years as documentation that goes with the application to the caseworker. So you kinda want to never-ever have the $ go into moms banking. You just need to pay the checks directly to the facility. So moms bank account truly reflects only her monthly income (like SS, a pension).

If you've already done this, just make sure you keep your cancelled checks and AL pymts in case it becomes an issue for moms medicaid eligibility so it can be easily explained.

Please make sure that the AL will guarantee that mom once qualified & eligible for medicaid will have an available medicaid bed. AL with Medicaid paying is done via a waiver program by your state. It is not dedicated funding like NH aka skilled nursing care is. Most states do not have an AL waiver program or have a very limited AL waiver. Waiver programs can shift priorities too so funding isnt guaranteed. Only NH medicaid is.
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