My 82 year old mother has a "medical emergency" every 2 to 3 weeks. They do EKG, BP, etc and she's fine. I am terrified no one will come when it is real. Is this common?

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Every time Mom fell the AL sent her out. She was in emergency 1x a month for four months. She would tell them she was in pain. I said sure she was don't u have pain when u fall. All 4 times it was Medtechs sending her out and nothing was wrong. I spoke to the RN and asked that they wait a while and keep an eye on her to see if she shows signs of pain. Other than if she hit her head, the RN agreed. When she went to the NH they don't immediately send out unless they hit their head or they don't see them fall. I know, could be that one time but I was willing to take that chance. With Dementia it could be imaginary. Waking up from a dream or a TV show. All become reality. Get some candy pills and give them to her. Get a HP cuff so you can check it. Try to get her mind off of the "pain" and just keep an eye on her. I think they become like children a little scrape and they are dying. BP will show if in pain, it will be higher than normal. With my Mom pain was a former back fracture and arthritis. She was given Advil for it.
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I have a relative who presented himself to ER frequently, without any findings of what was wrong. Turned out he was suffering panic attacks.

Is that a possibility?
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