Social security office is saying we have to open a new account to payee. I have been on my parents accounts for years. Dad just passed and mom has dementia. We're trying to get dad's Social Security for mom because it’s more. They say that POA doesn’t matter, SS can’t deposit $ into account with my name on it or they can’t deposit it into a Trust account. Any advice?

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Perhaps her name should be as the primary? I had no problem adding my name to her account. Also did you try to do it online? Just beware that there is a new security set up that requires password changes every few months. I suspect that will become very difficult as we all age
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my dads SS money was direct deposit into checking account.
When he passed away....
I called them to let them know (I think they know since M-care knows and they share info)

they wouldn't talk to me. so next time I visited my mom I called again. all they had me do was put my mom on the line and say who she was. then my mom gave the phone back to me and we finished up. the new amount (less $) started being direct deposit again like before.
I know there was some issue since SS asks for money back for the month of death. but they asked and I paid them back

I don't know, but my mom and dads account was a trust acct. I mean its titled xxxx family trust
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I took my mom into an actual office, with dad's death cert., and we had no problems at all. I am also on mom's account as co=owner. MAybe the in person visit will help? But mom did not have dementia.. maybe that is the problem?
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Very strange. DWs check is deposited into our joint account for 13 years now. And my check goes into a different account for me only. That is so I can pay bills and keep the government from taking money that would cause problems with bill paying.
I would agree with Ahmijoy with calling SS again or talk to a lawyer to get straight answers. Things may have changed over the years.
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Well, that’s odd. I was a joint account holder with my mom and her SS check was deposited into that account. If you have a financial advisor ask them, or even call the bank and ask. You can also call Social Security back. I was once given the wrong information by an agent there and when I called back and got a different agent, he gave me the right information.
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