If I'm paying to the NH because of Medicaid and change to Medicare Feb. 1 will I still have to pay them?


I'm paying to the nursing home because of Medicaid.

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If you cancel Medicaid and go back to Medicare, you will pay MORE than you are paying now. Don't do it.
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Frank - your ? Is kinda missing some information to be able to answer.

I'm going to guess that your situation is that you are on Medicaid and in a NH right now BUT are not on Medicare BUT on Feburary you will qualify to get Medicare as well? correct?

So that you will be both Medicare & Medicaid living in a NH in Feb? Is that the story? If so, medicaid requires a copay ( also called the SOC/share of cost) of all your income (like your SS check) less whatever is your personal needs allowance to the NH under medicaid compliance rules. You are still going to need to do the copay of your income to the NH as long as you get Medicaid.

But what will change in Feb is that the medical costs will be paid by either Medicare or Medicaid. Right now Medicaid is paying all medical costs but starting Feb, will be shared between the 2 for medical costs.

The NH daily room & board costs is being paid by Medicaid right now & will continue to be paid by Medicaid as Medicare does not pay for this. Medicare pays for medical & health related expenses and will be the primary Payor for those charges with Medicaid picking up & paying secondary for what is not covered or paid by Medicare. Medicare does not pay for NH room & board charges & that's why you need to still remain eligible for medicaid. Does this answer your ?
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