I will have to move to an even smaller apt because my rent is going up and we think the change will be better for her overall. She complains about the apt all the time anyway, is very paranoid, thinks the water is contaminated and that someone is spraying checmicals inot her room.

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Nice work guys! But 1970, how does your sister really feel about the move? Is she looking forward to it, or does she feel obligated because it's Mom we're talking about? Everybody's life will have to be readjusted, but even more so for her; especially with the probability of dementia. ... Don't be a stranger now, and let us know what happens. Buena suerte.
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If she has dementia and is delusional, do not try and change her mind. Listen, and then move her to your sister's place and tell her you had to move. She will object to any place you move her, so consult with her doctor about some medication that can remove some of the delusions. Good luck with your move!
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Does your mom have dementia? It is USELESS to try to convince someone with dementia of something. It's not a question--you don't say, Would you like to....? It's a statement of fact...."This is the plan; we are going to move you to Sis' house because that's where you'll be safe and comfortable." Yes, she's going to grumble and complain and maybe cry and whine. Stand firm; you are doing what is best for your mother. Hugs to you!
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