Should I change the deed to be in my name only?


My husband recently qualified for Medicare, our only asset is our home which I still reside in. People have suggested that I change the deed to be in my name only. The equity in the home is not great. My reading is that this does not solve any problems and may not be with the $500 to make it happen, in fact it may cause Medicare to re-access his qualification.

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pww - changing ownership of house would trigger a transfer of assets penalty & have his Medicaid eligibility suspended or cancelled. Bad idea. However you should look into what your state has for exemptions & exclusions for estate recovery & if there is a full 100% exemption for surviving spouse.

if it's the situation that hubs is on Medicaid & either getting at home care (community based) or in a facility but you are not, it probably would really be a good idea to meet with a NAELA elder law atty. Medicaid for couples where 1 is the community spouse & not themselves needing care is really quite different & more complex. Estate recovery is just a part of this. If he's in a facility, you want to get whatever the max allowed by your state for CSRA / MMNA community spouse resource allowance / monthly maintenance needs allowance. Think of it kinda like alimony for the nonNH spouse. Some states CSRA is high, like TX about $ 2,800 & so in theory a CS in TX who's spouse gets 3k income could only have a copay to the NH of $200 a mo. You probably also want to have whatever $ viewed as your own income rather than joint assets. Your income is not a factor in his Medicaid. Ideally if $ needed to be shifted it should have been done before the Medicaid application but it something to discuss with your atty.

You want to make sure you are able to do whatever to enable your husband to get the care he needs but also to do whatever to ensure you do not find yourself impoverished in the process.
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Yes I did mean Medicaid, thanks
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I believe you are referring to Medicaid, which is a State run medical program.

Your gut feeling is right.... changing the Deed to just your name would quickly put a red flag on your husband being qualified for Medicaid.   To Medicaid it would look like a "gift", thus hubby might be taken off Medicaid.

Makes me wonder where "other people" are getting their information and passing said information as proper.... [sigh].   Glad you were able to see through their "information" and do your own research :)
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