Ok I need help and have been hitting a brick wall and my mother is exhausting me. Last week my mother opened her mail and in the mail was a check. I offered to take it to the bank to deposit. My mom wanted my brother who likes to take her to the bank and gets the extra money himself to take her to the bank. Well a few days went by and she has misplaced the check which in turns mean she hid it. So this has been a rough road and has led her to some personalities I've never seen. Last night she was up for over two hours and I swear she had about 4 personalities. I was kind of freaked out and it is mentally exhausting. So it started again this morning and again tonight. Not sure why now except it was thanksgiving yesterday and her anniversary. I don't know if that was it. The check I have no idea where she put it. What causes the different personalities? I am pretty sure she has dementia but not sure but I do know she was diagnosed with microvascular ischemic brain disease in 2009. Never told anybody just found old paperwork. How do I get her through this when she thinks she is right. Do I tell her that I found that paperwork or not? She does not remember hardly anything but can pick out and remember the one negative thing that was said. I know not to get into it with her but sometimes it is hard not to when she follows you around and just keeps it up. I try to change the subject but that brings up a whole new set of stuff. I said why do u hide things and she turns into this freaky person with a laugh and grin and says because it's a game and I love games. I like to hide things since I was a little girl. It's fun to hide things. What the heck. Then she turned mean. Then she started to cry. It was weird. My mom is 92. Strangest I have seen her yet.

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Although I did not know it al the time, in the final few weeks of my father's life he got stranger and stranger. A lot like what you describe.

My father had hydrocephalus, which was untreated for years...and could not be treated in the end.

Looking back on those final few weeks, I recognize now that his behavior was weird even for him.

You are dealing with brain damage, not your Mom. I hope you can keep some perspective. I know how tough this is for you....try to be understanding of who you are dealing with.
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