She has had cataracts for years, but is afraid of surgeries. Now she is sick and tired of not being able to read the paper properly, even with 4.0 reading glasses I purchased for her at her eye doctor. Her only health risk is that her eye muscles have weakened. She is thinking about having the surgery, but feels she is too old. She really likes her opthomologist, which is a plus.

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I'd talk with her primary doctor. Since they don't use a general anesthetic for cataract surgery, it should be okay if she's healthy. There are always risks, but there are risks to not having the cataracts removed, as well. She could become too depressed to enjoy her life because of her increasing vision problems. Also, as our senses (hearing, sight, etc.) diminish, our brain receives less stimulation. That can lead to cognitive issues. If this were me, if my primary physician and opthomologist agree to go ahead, I'd do it. But then I can't imagine not being able to read.
Good luck to her on this. I'd love to have you check back and let us know what she decides.
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my fatherinlaw had it done at 98 best thing he ever done. they stay a wake for it. and num the eye. very simple. after words he just had ad dropsfor month i beleave. He done one eye. Then did the other month later. hope that helps
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