I'm multiple years into full time + overtime (80-90 hour weeks average) and had to quit working to be the POA for my elderly relative. My relative initially had hired me to do this. Then over time money has run out. I felt sorry for them, so I kicked in some of my own money, and over time it has drained my savings now, and any sources I had for money. My relative is also receiving assistance from a government agency.

Are their federal or state agencies that will pay for a long-distance caregiver who is advocating or managing the day to day affairs for a senior or elderly person? Thanks.

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Advocating, phone calls, research and that type of thing do take up a lot of time and energy but I'm not sure there's any kind of entity out there that will pay you for your time. At least none that I know of. If there were we'd all be getting paid.

Sometimes arrangements are made within a family that if one person spends a lot of time caring for an elderly family member, there will be a small stipend paid out from the elderly person's estate but if the person you're advocating for has no money I can't imagine where any kind of a payment to you is going to come from.

I think we all wish we could get paid for our service to our elderly loved ones!
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Hey there Waystation. Sorry your resources have dried up. Hard times to be sure.

Have a question though: How in the world can you rack up 80 to 90 hours a week caring for someone Long Distance?

Who is taking care of them for real? The bathing and companionship and cleaning and laundry and meals? Who is doing that?

I can't even imagine how 'advocating or managing the day to day affairs' on a phone or computer or by texting would take 80 to 90 hours a week unless your senior is Bill Gates.

Hopefully you can help us understand and then maybe we can help.

Do they have Dementia? Did they have Dementia when they hired you?

Guess it would help to get some more information about the specifics of your situation. The information available on this site is very comprehensive and if help is out there someone here will know about it.
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