My wife has been suffering from Alzheimer's/Dementia. I recently had to put her in a nursing home because I could no longer feel she was safe while I was working. For the past eight years I have been her caregiver from our house with the help of cameras and a job that I could check in on her and make her lunch when I am working. Now she needs to be with someone 24/7. She now has Medicaid which covers her nursing home (over $7000.00 a month).

I spend all my time with her at the nursing home when I'm not working and am taking care of all her needs at the nursing home like giving her showers, feeding her, helping her with going to the bathroom, dressing her, personal hygiene, getting her to take her meds.

My question is, can I get paid for being her caregiver by Medicaid and bring her home instead of the nursing home where I am able to give her better care than they can?

I live in the state of Michigan. If anyone has been able to do this I sure would like to know.

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I live in Michigan. No, you are spouse and cannot get paid and it is expected of you, children can though (after a first aid/cpr class and you get to determine a reasonable wage). You could get waiver based home services which can get you help during working hours but you will be expected to provide all care the rest of the hours. Call the area on aging, I believe P. Huron is the St clair shores office area 1a or 1b.
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Sounds like you are doing things that Medicaid is paying the nursing home to do. Give yourself a break and take some time to take care of yourself. If you have a social worker at the nursing home I would talk with them about your desire and get their feedback.
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In some states paying a family member to be a caregiver is permitted. Michigan has some rules that are different than other states. But, I can almost guarantee it would not be anywhere close to $7,000.00 a month. Best to check in with an elder law attorney.
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