I found this site and hoping to get some advice. My mother has got more sick in the last couple month. She is 48 but she has had epilepsy since I could remember and also has schizophrenia and low blood pressure. At first when I took over care of her she was doing okay. I moved her in with me and my partner but she still was getting sick, but now she has became more sick. Now she doesn’t wanna care for herself. She wants to sleep all day. Sometimes don’t wanna eat but I have to force her too. She doesn’t even wanna get up to use the restroom. She will use it in her diaper until it’s full and leaks through. And her walking has got worse where if she’s standing up for couple minutes her legs start shaking. I’m the youngest, 23 years old and my brother doesn’t wanna help with her at all. I don’t know what else to do. None of the family wants to help so I’m stuck. I’m not sure on what I could do to try and get her to start doing stuff for herself again. I’ve thought about a nursing home but the ones in my town aren’t that good. I feel like I have put this big responsibility on my partner that he shouldn’t feel that he has. We’re so young and sometimes can’t do anything cause we’re too worried about if she’s gonna get sick being alone or who’s gonna take care of her. I’m just looking for some advice from someone who has kinda been in my situation.

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Hi Ryan,
I agree with Freqflyer. This requires more than you can do right now. There are a thousand things that may be wrong, but none of them can be diagnosed/dealt with here. I have been an ER nurse, this is an appropriate situation to go to the ER.
Have a list of her meds with you. If her mental status has been changing, be sure to let them know.
With seizure disorders, there can be problems with medications that can cause these symptoms. But again, you need her to be seen. Hopefully, they will admit her and you and your partner will get a break for a day or two and some professional advice as to how to make a plan for her.
Best of luck and take care
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Ryan, call 911 and have Mom go to the ER, something is seriously wrong that needs immediate attention. This is not normal, especially for someone so young as your Mom. It is the low blood pressure that has me very worried as that can cause damage to major organs. When was the last time your Mom visited a doctor?
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