My father passed away in 2013, and since then my mother has been very sick. Looking for compensation. I've been caring for my mother for several years now and me and my husband and my family are in very deep. We are about to lose our home. I am curious if there is any way to receive compensation for caring for my mother. If anybody knows anything please contact me, you'd be of great help.

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Cwebb, the vast majority of family caregiver do not get paid for taking care of a parent.... unless the parent can pay you from their own retirement fund.

You can check to see if your Mom can qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare], and depending on your State, the State might have a program where you can be paid to be Mom's full-time caregiver, but please note it would be minimal.

Depending on your Mom's illness, Medicaid can pay for her care if she moves to a skilled nursing home, but she would need to be approved to need skilled care. I realize that might not be what you want for your Mom, but if caring for her is causing you and your husband to possibly lose your home, you really need to do something.
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