I have been my Mother's live in care giver for almost 4 years. My older sister is conservator of Mom's estate. With Mom having Parkinson's it is beginning to cause me back and hip problems. Is it unheard of to petition the court for medical and chiropractic reimbursement from the estate?

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I would think that is completely reasonable, along with pay for your time. Your sister should be diung this without your having to petition anyone, but if she won't, find out from the attorney involved what you must do to have these expenses covered. Good luck,
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The other thing that could help you that you could ask for is physical and occupational therapy to help pick out any equipment that might help you, and to train both you and Mom in transfer techniques and body mechanics. Seriously, that can make a big difference. I do a lot of patient lifting in my job, and a long as I keep doing it right I hopefully will not hurt myself. My mom was 180-200 lbs or so and I could not lift her, but we managed transfers with a sliding board or disc for quite a while and I actually learned from the nurses how to turn and position her in bed as well. Better to prevent the injuries than have to treat them!
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