Living in Ny and looking for financial help. Mom is diabetic and legally blind. She has an aide provided by Medicaid but in 2weeks of service the aide has changed daily and more likely than not do not speak English, they also show up whenever is convenient for them. Mom can not be left home alone and finding aides during my work hours have proven to be extremely difficult. I want to continue to provide her care myself but cannot afford to stay out of work for much longer without financial assistance. I've heard of Medicaids cash and counseling program seems like a perfect fit to my problem but it seems Ny doesn't have a similar program. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I am in NY(Buffalo area). No we don't have Medicaid cash & counseling. But we do have VA Aid & Attendance that would help with Assisted Living if she was married to a wartime veteran. You should continue to work so you can afford YOUR retirement. BUT you could ask the agency to hire YOU as a caregiver. Hanci in Niagara County did hire my MIL to care for my FIL. Worth at least checking it out.
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I know it's not easy to get paid by Medicaid as a caregiver, that's for sure.

Here's something about Cash & Counseling on our very own website:

From the article: "Keep in mind, that even with Cash and Counseling support, family caregivers are typically paid lower-than-average wages and, in most cases, are paid for only a small fraction of the hours of service they provide."

Maybe there's something helpful here. I hope so. Otherwise, if your mom is eligible for Medicaid, can she get certified by her doctor as needing skilled nursing care? If so, you may have to place her in a nursing home.

Our systems just aren't set up for taxpayers to pay for full-time caregivers -- at least to any meaningful extent...
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