I know this page is more geared towards elderly care but i couldn't find anything online that was geared toward my situation..... my fiance is schizophrenic and I am his sole caregiver....his family doesn't really help and mine can't..... we also have 2 special needs daughters and one on the way that has already been diagnosed as special needs...... I am so overwhelmed with all of this and there seems to be no where to turn..... dmh was useless dcf doesn't understand no one does...... I am only 28 and I feel like the world is on my fiance is currently in his 17th hospitalization to try and stabilize his meds and will be home in a few days..... I have to do almost everything for him he is like a 10 year old..... He has to be told to do daily living activities like washing or brushing his hair if not he goes days without doing them..... He cannot fill out forms or make phone calls for himself....... I just don't know what to do..... I have been looking for caregiver support groups and this is the best I found......any advise or suggestions greatly appreciated.....thanks for letting me vent

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Not sure where you are located...but having a 23 year old son who is also schizophrenic I understand the frustration. Contact NAMI is your area for support and advise. I too continue to hunt for home service so I am able to work.
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He should be on Medicare, and so should the children. I don't mean MEDICAID, I mean Medicare due to disability. The children are entitled to attend school 12 months a year to get extra help. Also call your local United Way office or Catholic Charities. You can also call Planned Parenthood for help preventing future pregnancies.
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