I am caring for my elderly mother as I did my father. Is there a program to help pay me as a caregiver?


My mother is 88 years old with diabetes, becoming confused with familar tasks she once did and suffers from severe pain because of reumatoid arthritis and her eyesight and hearing are failing. I cared for my father whom was bedridden and I took care of him until his passing and it is my Mothers turn to be cared for. I have no income because of doing mostly everything (house chores) shopping and Dr.Appts with her, so you can see it leaves no time for anything else. It is a Privelage to be able to Care for both my parents but I would like to know can I get paid for being my mothers Caregiver?

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The overwhelming majority of family caring for their elders receive no pay at all.

Some are fortunate enough to have parents that can afford to pay them from their own pensions or savings.

In some States it is possible to get in a Medicaid program to receive some small stipend. A few hours a week. It will not be enough to pay for much of anything..and sure not enough to live on.
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