Ok, we all made it through 12/21/12, lol, so what are your resolutions for the next year in dealing with your family and caregiving responsibilities or anything else you care to discuss?
My resolutions are to be more patient with my mother when I get asked the same question over and over. And remember some of the small good times that we shared. I am going to try to be less exhausted and take some time for myself! Happy New Year gang! Its going to be a great 2013!

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LOL. I was going to ask a similar question myself!
My Mum died in January this year, but I would still give everything I own for one more day with her (difficult though she was.)
This year I am going to take my first holiday in seven years. I have already booked it in fact! I have rented a cottage in Cornwall for a week over the Easter period, and am hoping that my sisters and their children and partners and dogs will join me for some or all of the time. If they don't it doesn't matter - Finn (sheepdog) and I will have a great and peaceful time - walking, remembering, crying probably, and generally enjoying our lives and our freedom.
God bless all care-givers. May you all find peace and happiness - and time for yourselves (!) in the New Year. With love and thanks for your kindness. Tess x
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