I've been taking care of a man as a live-in caregiver for about three years. He has had two strokes which has left him speechless (aphasia) and very weak. His diet has consisted of nothing but processed junk food. Some of his favorite foods are Spam, canned tamales, grilled cheese sandwiches (with Kraft type cheese slices), eggs, waffles, cereal, canned sardines, milk (which he drinks constantly), brownies, ice cream, and soda. All of the "cheapest" Walmart variety. He hates all vegetables and most fruits. He has no teeth and must use dentures. He is 72. In the last six months, his health has deteriorated from bad to worse. He was coughing incessantly, spitting up, and has bad constipation. The visiting "doctors" just kept prescribing more medication.

So, about two months ago, I said that's it, and threw out all the garbage and started buying and cooking him healthier alternatives like fresh burger, potato salad, fresh fish, beans, granola, coconut milk (which he likes) better/healthier dairy products, and some fruit he will eat like bananas and strawberries. I baked brownies. And, I took him off all of the over the counter meds like Colace, and some of his digestive related prescriptions.

He was starting to get well. His coughing has all but stopped. The last time his nurse came over, he said (it's either yes or no) that his digestive problems were better.

Long story short, his son and daughter in law vetoed all that because of cost. They were reimbursing me but stopped. I've been buying the food out of my own pocket. They went shopping and bought him all his junk food back. I never really liked them. They are ignorant slobs. We had a major blowout. The guy I take care of totally backed them up. You would think that after two strokes, he would have something like a clue, but no. I am through with trying to help him and I want to leave. I'm sure they are trying to arrange a new person to move in. They had someone come over for an interview. They think they are sly, crafty people by lying about it but I see right through them. They are just using me since they have no alternative for the immediate future. If it weren't for his two dogs and the fact that I have nowhere to go (I'm trying to arrange something), I would be gone right now.

My questions are, what are my rights? I have not been paying rent. We only have a verbal agreement that I live here in exchange for taking care of him and his needs. Can they just throw me out with no notice or only three days notice? Wouldn't they have to file an eviction notice?

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Thanks for the supportive responses. I have a place to move to and I'll be out of here as soon as I can sell something and get new tires because it's in another state. I'm not just 'looking forward to it,' I can't wait to get the heck out of Dodge. Hopefully and God willing, I'll be gone by next week. I'm moving up from caregiver to father figure because I'll be near my seven year old Godson. His mother has been asking me to stay with them for years so now is the time. Funny how one door closes and another opens, isn't it?

But it ain't over until it's over and I may need more of your helpful comments. Thanks.
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Check the website AVVO and post your question to attorneys that answer free of charge. The AVVO site also has ratings of attorneys all over the country.
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You are a contractual employee, paid by your room and board, and you have NO rights. Find another place FAST, and leave this awful situation behind. You were right to provide him with healthier food, stupid for paying for it with your own money, and naïve enough to think you make a difference. This son wants his father dead quickly so he does not have the responsibility anymore. There is an old saying, "Blood is thicker, than water". You are water and his blood relative will always win. Get on with your life somewhere they will appreciate you. You can find another live-in job, there are always people who need people. Congratulations for trying to do the right thing. Just do it somewhere else.
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How horrible for you, I hate the danger that caregiving can put a person in. As far as I know, but others with more knowledge will know better, since you have been living there for three years it is implied that you are a tenant. I would think that they would have to proceed with eviction process giving you 30-60 days. Terrible position to be in for sure, and I feel very bad for you.
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