Mom has Intesestial lung disease and now having mobility issues. Thinking of getting her in home palliative care soon. She has been terribly sick lately, and I'm sure her condition is progressing, but I'm not sure what resources to tap into, but I know I need help, badly! She hasn't been able to walk alone for almost a week. It's scary, and not sure how I will handle losing her but I know her end is inching near. I'm calling her lung specialist today to ask about palliative care. If you have any tips or advice I'd greatly appreciate it. She is needing more care on the medical side than I can provide currently. God bless.

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Wait until you meet with the palliative specialist to answer all of your questions. That person will do an evaluation and explain available options. She may receive a "comfort medication pack" that may contain opiods. When given properly they will help relieve some of her shortness of breath. You do not say if she is in rehab or at home. The recommendation is for someone to be with her 24/7. You will have to decide on which type of arrangement, including the part of the finances. Again the palliative intake specialist should be able to answer those questions.
I have been through this twice. One other thing of note, a 24 hour caregiver will not be a RN and thus through state licensing will not be able to dispense certain meds or maybe all meds so keep those questions in mind.
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