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My mom really seems to like going for car rides... (kind of like a baby with colic who needs motion.) Getting out of the house and pushing a cart in the grocery store is great exercise for her. Her vision is okay, so she used to enjoy going to places where antiques were sold and we would reminisce about her childhood.... Also, if your dad and mom like animals, maybe a trip to the zoo, or just a pet shop with pets in cages to look at, or touch, and talk about. I hope you find what works well for your dad and mom.
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HI Toni,
Dad sits in his chair all day long in front of the TV. It's maddening. When he was in his senior apt it got so he'd only walk a short distance down the hall to the elevator which laned him next to the dining room.

He was not a lazy guy until the last couple years! He used to run with my dogs & was very active in the 'excercise room' tread ill, stationary bike & walks around the large building. His vision started fading & so did his energy.

After his lady friend passed last year he became content in his apt. with his cat, visits from my dogs & his TV. The new Comcast remote drove him bats.
I finally moved him to my home in Feb. after his prostrate cancer required a full time catheter which he couldn't drain due to non functioning hands.

One thing I found helpful for Dad is using plastic covered rope lighting strung along the floor in the hallway. My split level hallway is very dark but the rope lights offer enough light to guide him. Thy're about $10 at Target, Home Depot, etc. I have the end wrapped into his bedroom which serves as a night light..

As soon as his TMC movie is over we are going to walk the hall. He needs to start moving !!!
Good luck -
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