Is it true that caregivers can get Alzheimer's disease too?


I've heard several physicians say that 7 out of 10 caregivers develop the disease while caring for the love one.

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ziggy13 ,

Check out this article. It might help answer your question on Alzheimer's and caregivers.

Early-Onset Alzheimer's: When a Caregiver Needs Care

Hope this helps.
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Anyone can get Alz... it is NOT caused by caregiving... if we knew the answers to how someone develops Alz. we would all have much to be grateful for... they can not come up with a cause or a cure.... and I have never heard of that statistic before...
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ziggy, I don't believe the statistic. The only thing I know that more than 7/10 caregivers do is outlive the people they care for. I would have to see a credible source for the alz statistic. And even then, I wouldn't believe it.
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Ditto- yes of course we can, and we r more likely to get sick in general because caregiving is a source of chronic stress. Whatever the cause stress increases risk of disease. Never once have I come across THAT risk calculation-doesn't sound right to me. we also tend to put our charges needs up there very high. We need to do the things that are believed to reduce risk of dementia: heart healthy diet, b vitamins, exercise, healthy cholesterol n BP levels, full hydration, mental stimulation, stress reduction, social engagement. Also lots of new ideas co
Ing forward-keep track n try some of them. Kinda hard to tick all the boxes, but we know better than most how worth it is to do everything we can to improve our odds. Next time u hear that fatalistic view stated, ask for a little more clarification! It might be CG 7/10 develop health problems in general.
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I don't believe the 7 out of 10 claim, but certainly caregivers are not immune from developing dementia (or cancer or Parkinson's, or any disease).
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