My 90 yo, mobility challenged, defiant mother and I share an apartment in Melbourne FL. We've been here for a year and a half during which time I serve as her primary care giver. I'm noticing some dementia (disorientation and panic) when she wakes up and sleep has increased to 18 hours a day. She uses a walker in the house and mobility scooter to go to doctor's appointments. That's the gist. But I am feeling lost and in a constant state of anxiety (tightness in my chest) as to what to do for her. Is there caregiver training - with a human being? I'm internet savvy and have read so much my brain feels like it is going to explode. Am look for one on one or a class room setting or webinar or ??? Suggestions? Advice? Thank you, Julie

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I asked this question a while ago. I don’t remember much of an answer. Honestly, most of us fly by the seat of our pants. What little training I do have, I learned by watching YouTube videos and the aides at my mom’s and hubby’s facility. My suggestion was that, as our population ages and a lot of us are put in the position of caregiver, perhaps a Community College or nursing home could offer classes. Then, logistics were brought up and questioned and no solution was reached.

Can you call a Home Care agency? If they could send someone out for a few visits you could learn from them.
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Check out Teepa Snow videos on YouTube. Also check into coursera they have had some classes absolutely free.
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