I understand that MRSA, VRE and other conditions are rampant in nursing homes and hospitals and I honestly do not think staff take proper precautions in avoiding spreading these conditions.
This week my husband was informed by the rehab part of the nursing home that FIL is in that he needed to go for a chest cat-scan and that he had to take him. He rode in our car -- in the seat I usually sit in. The next day, he ends up in the hospital ER with a host of problems (some ongoing and some new) and by that night, the nursing staff is suiting up with all the precaution gear before they enter his room. My husband asked why and they glossed over it say, "um...we don't know what he has so we are just careful." They told us not to bring any young children up.
That was Wednesday and by yesterday (Friday), I was sick, throwing up, diarrhea and it has progessed. I called the hospital and found out he has c-dif. I called my pharmacy to ask if I should take my diuretic and was told no. I explained the situation with my FIL and was told, "it is hard to tell if you have caught it but it seems to be a big concidence. If it continues through tomorrow, you need to get to a doctor because it is highly contagious."
My FIL seems to be a walking science lab -- MRSA, herpes, c-dif., UTI, I feel like I just need to keep a jug of Clorex and a flame thrower nearby.
He has never been clean -- not washing his hands after going to the bathroom, occassional showers and all this has gotten worse with him being older and sicker - complete with not wipping and touching his private areas and then wipping anything on his hands on chairs, bedding, etc.
Has anyone caught MRSA or other conditions while caregiving or even visiting your elderly family in nursing homes/hospitals? I am to the point after this that my visits will stop. I already have a weak immune system and there is really nothing I can do anyway.

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Hi joycews,
You poor thing! I think you are right in staying away if you have a weak immune system. I have not caught anything but my parents are in their own home-the only thing I used to get is food poisoning when my Mom would still try and cook but forgot about timing and health guidelines about food preparation!-and would not let me do the cooking-that was the in between stages of "something is off with mom but we can't get her to acknowledge it" .

Hoping you feel better!!! And , maybe, talk with the NH and tell them they need to follow better health protocol.

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