I would like to find a group within a 10 mile radius but can only locate Alzheimer's support groups. I am in my 50s and taking care of both parents in their 70s with multiple health issues: my Mom has diabetes and heart problems and my Dad has CHF, kidney failure and is showing signs of mild dementia. Both parents live in their own home for now. My mom is still fairly active and physically able to care for herself and my dad but his increasing forgetfulness is becoming very stressful and mom has said it would help to be able to talk with others about what she is experiencing. It would be helpful for me, too. I have searched online resources including Elder Options of Texas and cannot locate caregiver support groups located in my area of southwest Dallas County, Texas. My mom reads this website and she says it has been helpful with some of her concerns and questions. However, mom has mentioned she is feeling isolated and would like to get out and meet other caregivers who understand what she is going through. Does anyone have any recommendations for locating face to face caregiver support groups?

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Is this one from Texas Health ( anywhere near you?

Caregiver Support Group meets from 1:30 to 3 p.m. on second Thursday of each month at the Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth Education Center (see screen for room assignment). For more information, call Dorothy Conway at 817-250-2760.
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