I'm caring for my aging parent, who is on hospice. I'm looking to get involved in a support group. Where should I go? There are few to none available in my community.

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Bless you for reaching out on this subject. I think the above answer gives great avenues to pursue, and will add looking into groups that get together at a nearby Senior Center. Also, if you have a facebook account, search for "Meetup" groups for caregiving, and just do a web search for support groups offered at a nearby hospital. Being around people who are going through the same things is indeed a lifesaver ... you can keep looking until you find one that feels right for you.  
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Contact the local/regional office of a cancer association. They may know of groups of people who are caring for someone with cancer.

Have you done an online search?

Doctors and clinics often have information on such groups.

Ask hospice, too.

Nursing homes sometimes sponsor such groups, and "outsiders" are welcome.

I don't know if this is still true, but the public library used to be extremely helpful in answering these kinds of questions. (They are what we turned to before the internet.)

Good luck -- a support group can be a sanity-saver.
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