Is It Possiable That I Can Earn A Supplementry Income For Caring For My Mother Who Has three Anuesyms on the Brain, I Am Not comfortable leaving her Alone, While I Seek additional Income, And She Is only Comfortable with me as A Care Taker. I get paid five hours a Day For Her, but That cannot Defray the Cost Of living, And I Want To Take care Of My mom, I Am Truly Experiencing financial hard Ship at this Time. Are There Any Additional Programs For Me ? To Help Me financially While I Continue To Dilligently Care For My Mom, She Is 75 Years old And She sffers From Other Ailments Also, Such as Diabetes, Heart Problems, Arithritis of the Hands and Knee Very Chronic And High Blood Pressure, Has Trouble Remembering And Retaing Information, I

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CaringTambra, you are lucky that you can be paid for 5 hours a day as majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parent, unless the parent is financially able to pay from their own pocket.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any additional programs that could help you :(
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Is it Medicaid that is now paying you?

If you could find a job you could do from home, that might make staying at home possible.

If Mother needs 24 hour help (and it sounds like she does), it may be time to consider a care center for her. She would have all of her needs looked after by trained people who only work a shift at a time. You could visit as much as you wanted, and also have a fulltime job.

You want to care for your mother. Your mother wants you to care for her. It is sad, but you simply cannot afford what you both want.
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