Stuck in the house....guilt trip?


I want to hear from all caregivers......who are literally trapped in their home taking care of an elderly parent......and that is their life each day......a prisoner to their 'caregiver lifestyle' free time......stuck at home playing 24/7 time for yourself.......what a great life I have......the curse continues. (don't tell me to get help....don't want thieves in my home)

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Is there a chance to get someone who is not a stranger to come in and babysit? Someone from church, or a neighbor who is unemployed?

What would you do if you could get free for an hour or a day? Is there any way to import that activity into your life?
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Roscoe understand what you are saying and feeling. Don't know if it will help but have tried to carve out some space in our home that is just ours (hubby and me). We are still close enough for emergencies but far enough away to feel like we have some space of our own.

We try to slip out for a couple of hours each week. We realize that Mom could fall while we're gone, but she has fallen while we are here. So it's a risk we're willing to take in order to have a break (maintain sanity). Frail older people will fall. You will not be able to prevent every bad thing.

I too felt wary about bringing in a stranger, but I brought them in to give me a break from some of the duties. I'm still here with them, but the help with some of the heavy lifting really made a difference. Eventually, was able to establish a level of trust that I hired them for a 6 hour break away one day. But I did make sure my financials, computer and firearms were with me. Other than that, if they want to steal it, they can have it. They just won't be back at my place and it wouldn't be wise for them to send any friends my way.

Hope this helps some.
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Roscoe888, weren't you the one that called someone on this site a "bad caregiver" because they weren't with their dependent 24/7 in case of a fall? Just sayin'
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hire a crackhead and pay them in crack. then they wont have a need to steal.
i understand roscoe. i only get out to work a couple days a week. not what id call respite or r&r..
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