Role of CGiver during Repeated Office visits. Mom is now undergoing chemo treatments for stage 4 lymphoma. They predict 4 to 6 treatments of chemo every 3 weeks. Prior to each additional treatment she must go in Mon-Wed (at least) for various time consuming tests, etc.

My Mom is ornery, angry, no filters and loud with the nursing staff. Not pleasant. Please remember that I'm in CA, she in TX. I'm repeating what I'm told.

It would be CRITICAL that the CG be on-call to receive that pick-up call when finished. Perhaps hospital staff could place the call 10 mins prior to completion?

How do you handle it if patient wants CG present the entire time? I would think its part of the job, but any suggestions?

Additionally, since Mom is already dreading this, how can her anger be softened and managed? Please suggest.....ideas welcome.....

Thank you...

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I think she should have some anxiety meds, and yes the caregiver should stay with her the whole time. I would be afraid that she'd rip out the IV or wander off on an angry mission. They may have to admit her and sedate her, call the oncologist and give him a heads up that she's losing control.
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