Caregiver state funding; does anyone have suggestions?


Hi All,
I've recently been told there is a grant or state assistance for family members who are taking care of their parents. I moved into my mothers house to take care of her after her stoke. I believed her condition would get better and it would be a short term situation but it is not. I made the commitment to live and take care of her. I am living in her home which is paid off and all the utilities and home expenses are taking care of and I have a few bills I pay for monthly out of my savings. I attempted to work part time for a short bit but it was not an ideal situation for my Mom. Does anyone have suggestions or know what I'm referring to (state assistance for caregivers?). We do have a part time caregiver that we pay who comes in M-F to help with house, cooking, cleaning and bathing Mom.


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Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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vhelper, please note that the vast majority of grown children do not get paid for taking care of their parent.... unless the parent can pay that grown child from their own retirement funds.

There is an option of placing one's parent onto Medicaid [which is different from Medicare], and Medicare could possible pay you.... but note that the payment would be very minimal. Do call your State Medicaid office, as some States do have a better program then others, at the moment.
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